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The physics department held a meeting last Friday. The meeting was presided by the OIC Chair Dr. Nofel Lagrosas; Dr. Benjamin Chan, the Physics Department chair, took a sabbatical leave this year.

In the meeting it was pointed out that the latest news in the Physics website was March 27, 2009. So it appeared that there was nothing happening in the Physics department. But this is not true. Many things happen in the physics department. Our faculty presents papers in international conferences. We have new articles accepted in ISI journals. Our students win research awards. We have purchased many state-of-the-art equipments for research. We have new course offerings. We have new building constructions. We have new research collaborations with other universities here and abroad. We have many new things to write about. The only problem is we didn’t bother to write.

To answer this need, the faculty agreed to make a website dedicated to Physics News from the Ateneo Physics Department. Mr. Clint Bennett was appointed as the webmaster and Dr. Quirino M. Sugon Jr. as content editor and writer. But writing should not be the task of one person; it should be a department initiative. Each research group/laboratory must have a writer, whether student or faculty. They will soon be invited as contributors to this newsblog.

Hello World! This is our first post–the first, but definitely not the last. Hello World!


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