List of Ateneo Physics alumni from 1967 to 2010

The Director for Alumni Relations, Mr. Romeo A. Dalandan, has provided the the list of the Ateneo Physics Alumni for publication in the Ateneo Physics News website.  The list contains the names of the alumni arranged according to their physics batches, together with their corresponding Grade School (GS), High School (HS), College (COL), second degree (Post Grad/Other 1), Post Grad (M.S. or Ph.D.).  This list will be used by the Ateneo Physics News for tracking news articles published online about our alumni, so that they can be featured in the APN.  The list can be found here.

Here are some of the Ateneo Physics alumni who are now working in Ateneo de Manila University:

  • Dr. Gregory L. Tangonan (BS Phys ’69) (Physics/ECCE/Director of Ateneo Innovation Center)
  • Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin, S.J. (HS ’76/BS Phys ’80)(President of Ateneo de Manila University)
  • Dr. Bernard James Simpas (GS ’77/HS ’81/Bs Phys ’85)(Physics/Manila Observatory)
  • Dr. Nathaniel Joseph C. Libatique (Bs Phys ’86/Bs CEng ’87)
  • Mr. Carlos M. Oppus (Bs Phys ’88/Bs CEng ’89) (ECCE)
  • Mr. Jose Claro N. Monje (Bs Phys ’89/Bs CEng ’90)(ECCE)
  • Mr. Christopher Patrick J. Medina (Bs Phys ’94/Bs CEng ’95)(Director of Campus Network Group)
  • Ms. Genevieve Rose H. Lorenzo (Bs Phys ’98) (Manila Observatory)
  • Dr. Quirino M. Sugon Jr. (Bs Phys ’97/Ms Phys ’99/PhD Phys’ 2010)(Physics/Manila Observatory)
  • Dr. Faye Abigail Cruz (Bs Phys 2000/Ms Phys’ 2005) (Manila Observatory)
  • Mr. Sherdon Nino Uy (Bs Phys. 2001/BS CEng 2002/Ms Phys 2002)(Manila Observatory)
  • Dr. Erees Queen Macabebe (Bs Phys 2002/Bs CEng 2002/Ms PsEd 2005)(Physics/ECCE)
  • Mr. Clark Kendrick C. Go (BS Physics 2007)(Physics/Math)
  • Ms . Johanna Mae M. Indias (Bs Phys 2007)
  • Mr. Jerry T. Barretto (Bs Phys 2004/Ms Phys 2008)(Physics)
  • Mr. Juan Paolo S. Bermundo (BS Phys 2008/Bs MSE 2009) (Physics)
  • Ms. Jennifer Damasco Ty (Bs Phys 2009) (Physics)

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