Ateneo Physics alumni in the news: Rael Limbitco is Barclays Financial Analyst

Ateneo physics alumni Rael Limbitco (BS Physics ’97/Bs Computer Engineering ’98) is quoted by several international newspapers as Barclays financial analyst.

From the New York Times article “London benchmark rate under suspicion” (24 April 2008):

“If some banks were gaming Libor in an economically significant way, then we should be able to infer this effect empirically,” Rael Limbitco, a Barclays Capital analyst, said in a note to clients.

“But our analysis suggests that there is no strong evidence that banks are systematically understating their borrowing costs,” he concluded, after running a series of models based on historical data and long-term bias in rates.

From New York Times’s article “U.S. Treasury bond yields still stuck in the funk” (2008/09/10)

“One of the parameters of the conservatorship is the Treasury’s MBS purchasing program,” said Rael Limbitco, fixed-income strategist at Barclays. “If that gains traction, then we are likely to see an increase in Treasury supply that should on balance push yields higher in the medium term.”

From the Reuters’ article “TREASURIES-Bonds steady on Bernanke’s balanced view” (19 July 2007):

“The chairman has been reiterating the Fed’s expectations for moderate growth. He’s still talking about inflation risks,” said Rael Limbitco, fixed-income strategist at Barclays Capital in New York.


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