League of Ateneo Physicists welcomes freshmen physics students

General Assembly of Ateneo physics students, faculty, and staff last 08 August 2010 at SEC-C Foyer (from Nico Garcia’s Photo Album).  The General Assembly was organized by LeAPs (League of Ateneo Physicists), an organization of student physics majors.  LeAPs is the new name for the age-old SAMPA (Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral ng Pisika sa Ateneo).

Problem Set I.

  1. Identify the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, faculty, and staff in the picture.   Does the equipartition theorem hold?
  2. Which persons exert the most pressure on the floor: (a) those who stand, (b) those who kneel, or (c) those who sit.
  3. Identify the three points of light in the background basing from their emission spectra: (a) tongues of fire, (b) wandering stars or planets, (c) fireflies, (d) sprites, or (e) none of the above.
  4. Using projective (perspective) geometry, where is the focus of the equivalent pinhole camera and the corresponding projective plane?
  5. Look at the reflection of the light source on the roof slab (upper left hand corner).  How fast does the flux per unit area of light fall as a function of distance?  What is the particle flux probability distribution of the light source.  Is the source Lambertian or non-Lambertian?
  6. Construct an algorithm that will connect one head to its closest head.  The resulting graph is a molecular bond model of the physics department in the picture.  Is the molecule topologically equivalent to a line?  What is the vertex-to-side ratio of the molecule?

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