Remembering Dr. Manuel Tejido and the SFX Technology Corporation

Pablo Manalastas
by Dr. Pablo Manalastas
Department of Information Systems and Computer Science
School of Science and Engineering
Ateneo de Manila University
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Remembering Dr. Manuel “Lito” Tejido

Yesterday, I got this text message from Miss Cristina Tejido, daughter of Dr. Lito Tejido:

Dr. Manuel Tejido, 64, joined his Creator today. His remains lie at G Araneta Avenue, Arlington Memorial Chapel, and will be ready for viewing at 6:00 o’clock PM today. Mass and interment on Thursday, September 16. Time to be arranged. Mass at Arlington, and interment place Paraiso Memorial in San Mateo, Rizal. Thanks for the prayers.

Dr. Tejido was Associate Professor of Theology at Ateneo de Manila (University) at the time of his retirement four years ago. He wrote several books and articles, and did a translation of St. Thomas Aquinas’s “Summa Theologica” in Filipino. He was in Theology, and I am in mathematics and computer science, so we were worlds apart in our teaching and research. However, we were very close in our interests. We were both married and our children were about the same ages. We were both interested in life and religion.

We spent many hours talking about God and our relationship with Him. I did most of the asking, and he did most of the answering. What exactly is original sin, and why are we born with it? Why do we need a saviour (like Siddharta, Kong Zi, Jesus, and Mohammed) to go to heaven? After reading Anne Rice’s novel about Jesus, “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt”, I asked him when Jesus came to the realization that he was special, that he was God?

We also talked about how to back up the many files that he has accumulated over a lifetime of writing. I suggested using cheap CDs/DVDs. They are less than ten pesos each, hold a lot of files, cost very little, and last for a relatively long time of five to ten years.

Together with instrumentation chemist Dr. Armando Kapauan(++), instrumentation physicist Associate Professor Norberto Tecson(++), physicist Mr. (now probably Dr.) Benjamin Dingle, theologian Lito (Dr. Manuel Tejido++) and computer scientist (Dr. Pablo Manalastas), we put up the now defunct company, “SFX Technology Corporation”. We made one HW-SW product, a PC-recorder for a gas-chromatography apparatus for San Miguel Corporation. That was our first and only product. The product worked, but we did not make a lot of money from SFX, because everyone was a PhD, and we had no marketing guy. We had many great ideas, but no one was tasked to sell them!

I know that Lito is up there in heaven, where good people go. God bless Lito, and may he rest in the peace of our Creator, and may perpetual light shine upon him!

Ateneo Physics News: The Tecson Laboratories in Science Education Complex Building C (SEC-C) is named after Prof. Norberto Tecson who designed and built many corridor demonstration experiments in Physics in Faura Hall.


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3 Responses to Remembering Dr. Manuel Tejido and the SFX Technology Corporation

  1. Annette Acosta-Dickson BS Bio '93 says:

    Dr. Manalastas, do you have an email and/or snail-mail address for Cristina? Her father was my Theology professor and I would like to pay my respects, but reside outside the Philippines now.

  2. Sunshine Indias says:

    Dr. Tejido was my theo141 prof too…I think we were his last batch of students (2005)…or the 2nd to the last…We had lugawan sessions – consultation hours held over a bowl of lugaw especially prepared by his wife (he said she cooks it with olive oil). Loved theo141because of him…He’ll surely be missed…

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