Nino Uy of Manila Observatory on the Jesuit St. Regis: AMD’s Fusion vs. Intel’s Sandy Bridge

by Dr. Quirino M. Sugon Jr.

Sherdon Nino Uy (BS Physics ’01 and MS Physics ’09) visited me this afternoon at my temporary office at the second floor of Manila Observatory. Nino–or Papachu as he is fondly called here–is the everyone’s go-to-guy when you need to know the specs for the computer tailored to your needs–from 486 computers to servers and clusters–and he can build one out of junk if all the parts are available from different junked computers. We used a junk computer from the Ionosphere building few months ago to build the server for WikiMO, the Observatory’s internal wiki for documenting all things big and small to preserve the Observatory’s corporate memory. And he knows just the right Linux for the job. “There’s a Linux for everything,” he said.

Building computers is only Nino’s hobby. His official job at Manila Observatory is to help Dr. James Simpas (BS Physics ’85) on the DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) project for DOST (Department of Science and Technogy). This system shoots a light beam to a corner cube reflector out in the fields and analyzes the return signal. Since each element has its characteristic absorption frequencies, the drop in the amplitudes of the signal at these frequencies allow them to determine how many molecules of a particular gas are there in parts per million–gases like NO2, SO2, and Methane which contribute to global warming. The DOST inspection team has visited them a few days ago and were satisfied with what they saw.

“Doc,” he said. “Do you know St. Regis?”

“No,” I said.

“Intel was making a product launch and their competitor AMD rented a space in the nearby St. Regis Hotel to make their own similar launch and press release,” said Nino. “The funny thing is a writer played on the fact that St. Regis is a Jesuit and he likened AMD to the Jesuits fighting against Satan that is Intel.”

“Really?” I said.  “That was cool!”

He asked me to type “AMD Bulldozer TechEye” in Google and we found the article.   Here are some excerpts:

John Fruehe, director of servers at AMD, said that his company is well placed to compete with Intel in the server and workstation market and is readying a number of initiatives that wll give the big chip company a run for its money….

In fact, that was very much the theme of all the AMD execs that rolled a handful of British hacks into the Presidential Suite of the egregious St Regis hotel. St Regis is a Jesuit saint and the AMD guys believe, with Jesuitical persistance, that AMD’s Fusion processors are going to roll back the atheistical advance of the Great Satan of processors.

The word on the Jesuitical AMD street is that Fusion will knock the lights out of Intel’s Sandy Bridge and that is endorsed by quite a few of its partners. AMD partners are often if not always Intel partners of course.


Oh, by the way, the article also mentions Intel’s spokesperson Mooly Eden.  This is a religious war.

Ateneo Physics News: St. John Francis Regis is the Cure d’Ars of the Jesuits.  St. Regis would preach not to the learned and the wealthy but to the farmers, vendors, and even prostitutes.  He would preach in the streets, the barn, the mountains, even on top of a mound of snow in a freezing winter.  Sixteenth century France was gripped with the Calvinist heresy.  The people do not anymore go to mass and the morals became low.  After his preaching he would go to the confessional and hear confessions for several hours.  Many were converted.  At night he would kneel in prayer.  He doesn’t seem to sleep.  He died from exhaustion.  Fr. John Hardon, S.J. has a nice article on St. Regis here.


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