League of Physicists (LeAPs) of Ateneo announces list of participants and winners in the Real Physics Game (RPG)

October 11, 2010

Department of Physics
Ateneo de Manila University

Dear ____________________,


The League of Physicists (LeaPs) thoroughly appreciates your support and would like to thank you for encouraging your students to join the recently concluded RPG entitled Momentum: Are you Big and Fast enough?, held last September 20, 2010. Your continued effort has made the RPG a success not only in the number of turn-outs but also in the way the event was showcased. The event has experience an appreciable increase in the participants, which was primarily due to your help.  Attached to this letter is the list of winners and teams that joined the event.

Since RPG is becoming a semi-annual activity, LeaPs hopes for your continuous support towards the project and other projects which align with the Department’s goal of instilling enthusiasm for Physics of students. Next semester, LeAPs plans to conduct another similar activity but this time, it would be in quiz bee format. Nevertheless, we will still expect your unending support for all the endeavors of the organization.

Once more, LeaPs thanks you for your faith and trust in us and this project.

Respectfully Yours,

Chrizaldy Neil C. Manibo

RPG Project Head


Name Teacher Rank (If Any)
1 Acosta, Marc Barretto
2 Agulan, Kevin Patrick Barretto
3 Caballas, Katrina Barretto
4 Cammayo, Dana Barretto
5 Causing, Marion Barretto
6 Chan, Charmaine Barretto Top 25
7 Cheng, Richmond Barretto
8 Choa-Yu, Aimee Barretto
9 Chua Barretto
10 Chua, Hans Barretto Top 25
11 Chua, Janine Barretto
12 Co, Angelica Barretto
13 Faustino, Don Barretto Top 25
14 Galvez, Sean Barretto
15 Garcia, Mikaela Barretto
16 Go, Matthew Barretto
17 Gomez, Claud Barretto
18 Habaluyan, Chino Barretto
19 Ibanez Barretto
20 Javier, Marcus Barretto
21 Leano, Kevin Barretto Top 25
22 Lualhati, Monica Barretto
23 Macalinao, Michelle Barretto
24 Manahan, Jom Barretto
25 Marino, Den Barretto
26 Ong, Sheena Barretto Top 25
27 Pajanel, Ayeth Barretto
28 Pinez, Ian Barretto
29 Quillopas, Sonny Justine Barretto
30 Saavedra, Daryl Barretto
31 Sarinas, Pat Barretto
32 Sia, Chanel Marie Barretto
33 Sim Barretto
34 Tan, Jill Barretto
35 Tan, Vohn Barretto
36 Timbayan Barretto
37 Torres, Angeline Barretto
38 Uy, Mia Barretto
39 Verde, Philip Barretto
40 Villanueva, Michelle Barretto Top 25
41 Dy, Andrea Bermundo Top 25
42 Espiritu, Mitchell Bermundo Top 25
43 Go, Rissa Bermundo Top 25
44 Ly, James Bermundo Top 25
45 Magcale, Rigel Bermundo
46 Mirasol, Roman Bermundo Top 25
47 Nubla, Eric Bermundo Top 25
48 Rubio,Rainier Bermundo Top 25
49 Tadiar, Victoria Bermundo Top 25
50 Anupol, Robin Culaba Top 25
51 Atienza, Kevin Culaba Top 25
52 Carabeo, Christel Culaba
53 Chan, Jacob Culaba
54 Chiu, Richmond Culaba
55 Fordan, Daniel John Culaba 2nd Runner Up
56 Gatchalian, Ellaine Culaba
57 Go, Stephanie Culaba
58 Gutierrez, Vernon Culaba 2nd Runner Up
59 Lacsamana, Ray Culaba
60 Lim, Wihl Micoh Culaba
61 Padilla,Erica Culaba
62 Ramas, Marlou Culaba Finalist
63 Sanchez, Miguel Culaba Finalist
64 Tan, Mark Joshua Culaba 2nd Runner Up
65 Umali, Anto Culaba Top 25
66 Vitug, Fernando Culaba Finalist
67 Zafra, Kim Culaba
68 Cheng, Raymond Damasco-Ty Top 25
69 Du, Casey Damasco-Ty Top 25
70 Enguera, Jino Damasco-Ty Top 25
71 Santos, Gabriel Lorenzo Damasco-Ty Top 25
72 Tumbaga, Rudolph Damasco-Ty Top 25
73 Virata, Leonora Damasco-Ty Top 25
74 Alemania, Jessica Ignacio
75 Alonto, Farud Ignacio
76 Alvarez, Ken Ignacio
77 Dagatan, Miguel Ignacio
78 Perez, Tony Ignacio
79 Villanueva, Alvin Ignacio
80 Afable, Giselle Indias
81 Bitong, Alyssa Indias
82 Bolisay, Catsy Indias
83 Domingo, Christiansen Indias
84 Espino, Victoria Clare Indias
85 Estrada, Minene Indias
86 Huang, Tiffany Indias
87 Legaspi, Sherlyne Indias
88 Liganor, Shing Indias
89 Lim, Vernon Indias
90 Mantecon, Bea Indias
91 Meija, Joy Celina Indias
92 Tan, Amber Indias
93 Tangco, Cheska Indias
94 Valdez, Ariel Indias
95 Abuel, Jonathan Jugueta/Indias
96 Alampay, Niced Jugueta/Indias Top 25
97 Amparo, Karlo Jugueta
98 Aquino, Liane Jugueta Top 25
99 Bundoc, Sebastian Felipe Jugueta
100 Corrales, Jalvin Jugueta/Indias Top 25
101 Cruz, Igor Jugueta
102 Fabian, DJ Jugueta
103 Golez, Philip Jugueta/Indias
104 Karaan, Jason Jugueta
105 Lee. Soo Jin Jugueta
106 Lim, Amanda Jugueta/Indias
107 Lim, Cathy Jugueta/Indias
108 Lim, Johann Jugueta
109 Lim, Paul Yao Jugueta
110 Lim. Rex Jugueta
111 Macalinaoo, Malou Jugueta/Indias Top 25
112 Macandog, Angeli Jugueta/Indias Top 25
113 Maloles, JV Jugueta Finalist
114 Miso, Miko Jugueta
115 Pelayo, Marge Jugueta/Indias Top 25
116 Peralta, Angelo Jugueta/Indias Top 25
117 Quebec, Ann Jugueta Finalist
118 Rosales, Tanya Jugueta
119 Santiago, Rodolfo Jugueta
120 Tan, Alvin Jugueta
121 Tan, Keith Jugueta
122 Tinsay, Judea Jugueta/Indias
123 Tioseco, Clarry Jugueta Top 25
124 Tolentino, Monica Jugueta Top 25
125 Ty, Janille Jugueta/Indias
126 Unson, Renz Jugueta
127 Valle, Katrina Marie Jugueta
128 Villangca, Erson Jugueta Finalist
129 Ariza, Anna Maquiling 1st Runner Up
130 Benavidez, Bianca Maquiling Top 25
131 Burkley, Alphonse Maquiling Champion
132 Ching, Louella Maquiling 1st Runner Up
133 Del Rosario, Tin Maquiling Top 25
134 Gerobiese, Trishia Maquiling Top 25
135 Javen, Paolo Maquiling Top 25
136 Lau, Aldrin Maquiling 1st Runner Up
137 Leceta, Jose Enrico Maquiling Top 25
138 Lim, Jaimz Maquiling Champion
139 Madrigal, Rachel Maquiling Top 25
140 Martinez, Martin Maquiling Champion
141 Molina, Erina Maquiling Top 25
142 Moreno, Neil Maquiling Top 25
143 Noche, Ria Maquiling Top 25
144 Revuelta, Louise Maquiling Top 25
145 Soliven, Maria Carmela Maquiling Top 25
146 Tan, Dann Maquiling Top 25
147 Torchiva, Nicole Maquiling Top 25
148 Torres, Zed Maquiling Top 25
149 Ong, Jonathan Peabody Top 25
150 Agas, Jonah Feliz Santos
151 Agustin, Benjie Santos
152 Crisostomo, Joseph Santos
153 Estipona, Toni
154 Kang, Sanya
155 To, Michelle

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