Ateneo de Davao University develops weather tracker using Smart Communications wireless technology

by Linda Bolido/
Asian Journal: The Filipino-American Community Newspaper

WEATHER monitoring in Davao City has improved a notch, thanks to a small award-winning gadget developed in the cramped laboratory of Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU).

Variations of the gadget, originally designed as a sea vessel tracker and automatic distress signal generator, will now also track land vehicle and rescue personnel.

AdDU then used the tracker technology to develop weather and river monitoring systems. The weather monitor will record wind speed, rainfall, temperature and humidity, among others, while the river sensor will register rise in water levels.

Powered by Smart Communication Inc.’s wireless technology, the whole system is expected to provide Davao’s disaster preparedness and rescue program a low-cost but effective tool for pinpointing areas and/or people in distress and speeding up the deployment of rescue and relief services.

The original gadget, a small, nondescript box that looks like a bigger white telephone jack, won second place in the 2009 SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards. SWEEP stands for Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program through which the mobile network collaborates with partner schools to develop and implement wireless solutions that address local problems and concerns.

The vessel tracker was developed by students Charese Olmoguez, Ann Marie Roselle Balinas and Flora May de la Cruz of the electronics and communications engineering program of AdDU’s engineering and architecture division (EAD), under the supervision of teacher-mentor Marloue Pidor, an engineer.


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