Ateneo Physics Department launched its Facebook page

Today, the Ateneo Physics Department launched its Facebook page: “Ateneo de Manila University Physics Department“.  The Facebook page was conceived yesterday during an informal meeting of Dr. Nofel Lagrosas (Acting Chair), Mr. Joel Maquiling, and Dr. Quirino Sugon Jr. in one of the restaurants along Katipunan Avenue.  Dr. Lagrosas conceived of the Facebook page idea in order to reach out to more people, especially potential students in the Physics Department.  The main aim is to increase enrollment of the best students in the Philippines to the Ateneo Physics Department.

The Ateneo Physics Department’s Facebook page does not replace but rather complement the Physics Department’s website hosted by Ateneo de Manila University and the Ateneo Physics News hosted by WordPress.  The official Physics Department website and the Ateneo Physics News blog will soon be streamlined so that each would have their own distinct and clear Mission and Vision.  The official Physics department’s website shall describe the Physics Department as an institution–its research programs, courses offered, faculty list, etc.  The Ateneo Physics News shall focus only on full-length news and feature articles.  The Facebook page shall contain only short blurbs of one paragraph length.  These three websites–the official website, the news blog, and the Facebook page–will be interlinked with each other to increase their individual web traffic.  Titles of the Ateneo Physics News articles and Ateneo Physics Facebook updates shall be reflected in the official Ateneo Physics Department’s website.  The first paragraph of each Ateneo Physics News article shall be reflected in the Facebook page.

Soon, the Ateneo Physics Department shall turn its gaze on other online opportunities like LinkedIn for rebuilding its alumni network and the You Tube channels for uploading videos of lectures and demonstration experiments.


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