Dr. Romel Gomez of University of Maryland to give a talk on the Arduino Software Environment

Playing with Arduino
R.D. Gomez, Ph.D.
Keystone Professor or Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Date/Time: 11 Jan 2011, 2-5 pm
Venue: PLDT Convergent Technologies Center (CTC 315), Ateneo de Manila University


Abstract. The Arduino platform is arguably one of the most exciting microprocessor platforms that have been introduced recently. Because of its low cost and ease of use, it has become a favorite of hobbyists, artists and engineers in implementing widgets that use control and automation. Similarly, because it is an open source, a wide range of applications from dancing lights, energy management, to homemade Segways can be found on the web. At the University of Maryland, we use it in our Introductory Engineering Design Class as the brain behind a toy hovercraft that can autonomously navigate an obstacle course.  In this workshop, I would like to introduce this processor in a hands-on environment. We will cover materials such as how to control electrical objects such as lights, motors and heaters, measure inputs such as temperature, distance, direction, light levels, motion, GPS location etc. I would emphasize elementary control algorithms that could relate the output with the input parameters. Time permitting, I will also show how these devices can “talk” over a wireless channel.
We will also discuss possible applications to benefit and modernize school laboratories the Philippines. My ultimate goal is to tap into the Pinoy creativity to cultivate innovation and possible entrepreneurship based on these devices.  We hope to seek support from DOST or CHED for these systems to be used as very low cost testing equipment for undergraduate labs in the Philippines.


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