Ateneo Innovation Center: Innovating for the next 150 years

by Carlos Emmanuel Quiapo of That Guy in Orange blog

You wouldn’t think that the center located at the 2nd floor of the Faura Hall is all about Innovation. The Ateneo Innovation Center room may be small, or even smaller than what you can imagine as an office, but the vastness of its ideas is bigger than Faura Hall itself. The Ateneo Innovation Center or AIC, spearheaded by its director, Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Ph.D., had become successful in innovating new ideas to help the Ateneo and the rest of the Filipino community. Through its projects and programs, the Ateneo Innovation Center successfully fulfills its missions and visions and it promises to continue innovating for the next 150 years.

One of AIC’s missions is to advance innovation in science & engineering research. With the rapid growth of technology, the AIC researches on a new process of decreasing Carbon Dioxide, produced by high-tech machines, by using the natural powers of Algae in taking up Carbon Dioxide. They use some sort of Photo Bioreactors (one of their innovations, too) to activate resonant radiation to drive a rapid growth on Algae. With the rapid growth on the population of Algae, there will also be an increase in the rate of Carbon Dioxide take up by the Algae.

Another mission of the AIC is to enhance linkages with research and development external entities and industry. Through their successful Algae research, the AIC has been working for several years now with the Alsons Aquaculture of General Santos, Mindanao. It also enhances its relationship with some hospitals by devoting on researches about baby incubators and muscle activities using the gaming console, Nintendo Wii.

(Read the rest of the article here. The article enumerates other innovative ideas of the AIC like fish fingerling counting, solar panels, Android-based wireless sensors. The director of AIC is Dr. Greg Tangonan)


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