Special Lecture by Dr. Kelvin Rodolfo on 24 Jan 2011: “Reading climate history from ice cores, how the world’s glaciers are melting, and what that has to do with us Filipinos?”

The Department of Environmental Science  in coordination with the Manila Observatoryinvites everyone to a special lecture on Global Warming and Climate Change:

Reading climate history from ice cores, how the world’s glaciers are melting, and what that has to do with us Filipinos?

by Dr. Kelvin S. Rodolfo

24 January 2011, 4:30 pm
Procter & Gamble Lecture Hall (SEC-C201A)
Science Education Complex, Ateneo Campus

ABSTRACT Continuing last week’s theme, and ending this series of public lectures, we discuss how we extend the history of climate change farther back in time, first by examining the rates at which mountain glaciers are losing length, then by seeing how ice cores from deep within the Greenland and Antarctic icecaps yield their secrets.  We also discuss how future sea level might be affected, how the process ‘feeds back’ on itself, and how human water supplies will be affected.

About the speaker

Kelvin Rodolfo is concurrently Professor Emeritus with the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Senior Visiting Fellow of Earth System Science of the Manila Observatory.  He earned his MS and PhD degrees at the University of Southern California from 1960 to 1967, and rose from Instructor to Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. At UIC he won 6 Awards for Excellence in Teaching. His research, funded by 13 U.S. National Science Foundation grants, has been published as 60 articles in international journals and conference proceedings.  Dr. Rodolfo was inducted as a Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Science and Technology in 2010.


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