Prof. Leopold Ilag of Stockholm University to give a talk on Mass Spectroscopy of Microbes

Mass Spectrometry of Microbes

Prof. Leopold Ilag
Docent in Analytical Chemistry and Director of Proteomics at Stockholm University

Date / Time: January 26, 2011 (Wednesday) / 3:30 pm
Place: Schmitt Hall, C205

Biomolecular mass spectrometry has revolutionized the way biological problems are investigated. Using versatile instrumentation it is possible to analyse small natural products through to large macromolecular complexes and address medical issues through to environmental concerns. The talk will highlight applications of mass spectrometry for the analysis of micro-organisms and their products in the context of basic biology and implications on ecology. Emphasis will be on the utility of mass spectrometry for characterizing biomolecules from natural sources and generating biochemical information that can help us better understand how microbes shape our world.

About the presentor:
Dr. Ilag earned his PhD in Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics/Molecular Neuroscience from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. He is currently EMBO Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Munich, Germany, and Research Associate, Department of
Chemistry, University of Cambridge.


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