Happy birthday Fr. David Skelskey!

by Fr. Victor Badillo, S.J.

Please send a short note to Dave on his birthday, Jan 26.  He has orbited the sun 73 times, not counting nine months.   He visits me in my room in the Infirmary without fail for several years every Sunday afternoon.  He comes hardly able to walk because of arthritic knees.*

He is from the New England province and hardly worked there.  His regency was in Iraq.  After ordination, he has worked in the poor nations in Africa providing technical assistance building lowcost easily made and repaired windmills, water pumps,  simple yet not available in these poor countries, Ethiopia, Somalia, and other.  One of his inventions has a US patent.

Please sign your name so he can know who you are.

Despite his creaking knees, he has visited the different tiny stores in Raon, Recto and Rizal Avenue and other places looking and finding strange electronic and electrical items.

He is now working on something needed by the country.  Please pray for the success of that research.

God bless you and all your efforts.



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2 Responses to Happy birthday Fr. David Skelskey!

  1. Mike Pranschke says:

    Hi Fr Dave
    Or should I say “Brother Dave”
    I’m being sereious. I’m at a crossroads in my life. I feel you are the only one I can talk with. Please email me. Mike Pranschke

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