Fr. Victor Badillo, SJ on the Water Cycle: Baptism of Prince William and Jesus Christ in the River Jordan


by Fr. Victor Badillo, SJ

Prince Williams was baptized with water taken from the Jordan River.  It was in the Jordan River that Jesus was baptized by John who hesitated to do so.   It was the waters of the Jordan that washed the body of Jesus.  So too should the waters of the Jordan wash the body of Prince Williams in the cleansing bath of baptism.

It was water from the Jordan River that washed the body of Prince Williams, but it was not the waters that washed the body of Jesus.  The waters that washed the body of Jesus flowed downstream to the Dead Sea.  There in the course of time, it evaporated.  And even along the way, the water was already evaporating. 

The water vapor rose and there it was distributed by the winds all over the world.  There is no water anywhere in the world which does not contain water which has not touched the sacred body of Jesus.  Jesus came to sanctify everyone wherever he is, however far he may be.

The sun was needed to supply the heat to evaporate water.  Gravity was needed for warm and lighter air to rise, and for raindrops to fall.  There in the cool atmosphere, the vapor condensed to allow water to  fall as rain. The uneven heating of air over land and water and the spinning of the earth insured the rise of a variety of winds.  So many players were needed to distribute sanctifying water everyplace.

All material creation has been touched and transformed.  Now material creation is the matter for all the sacraments.  No longer does it have to groan to be saved.  It has become the instrument of salvation.  It has become the instrument by which man can live the life of God.

It was not only the water that washed Jesus in the Jordan that touched the body of Jesus.  There is water everywhere.   In the water he drunk, in the wine he drunk, in the food (meat, vegetables, fruit) he ate, in the water he bathed.

Jesus used it in his healing ministries, in his saliva, in the feeding of
the multitude, in the bread and wine he took, blest, broke and distributed.

Jesus was 95% water.  What he drank became part of his body.

That is why water is superabundant.  There is no excuse for not having it when needed.  And don’t we need it. Jesus breathed.  All the air he breathed is now all over the world, in the air we breathe.  Without air we cannot live more than a few minutes.   We cannot help but breathe.  If so, we cannot breathe without breathing the air the Jesus breathed.  It is air that allows us to hear the words of forgiveness, the word proclaimed.

The leper Naaman could not say, “Are the waters of Pharphar not as good as the waters of the Jordan?”  But today, anyone, prince or pauper,  the poorest of the poor can say, “Isn’t the tap water distributed by Manila Water just as good as the waters of the Jordan?” 

God bless you and all your efforts.  Victor Badillo SJ


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