Dr. Adrian Serohijos of Harvard University to give a talk at the Ateneo Chemistry Department: “Evolution from first principles: molecules, organisms, and populations”

Dr. Adrian Serohijos

Dr. Adrian Serohijos

EVOLUTION FROM FIRST PRINCIPLES: Molecules, Organisms, and Populations

by Adrian W. R. Serohijos, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology,
Harvard University

June 17, 2011
4:30-6:00 pm
Schmitt Hall Room Ch-109


Evolution is intrinsically a process that spans multiple length and time scales. At the molecular level, mutations occur randomly in the genome changing the phenotype of individual organisms. At the ecological level, evolutionary selection operates on populations since  species survive or go extinct as a community. In the last century,  these multiple scales have traditionally been pursued by separate scientific disciplines, starting from physical chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology, and ecology.

Here, Dr. Serohijos will present their work to develop a unified framework of evolution that couples molecular properties (such as thermodynamic stability of proteins, copy number, and structure) with organism lifestyles. He will demonstrate that this unified framework advances our understanding of some fundamental rules in nature.

About the speaker:

Adrian Serohijos is a theoretical and computational biophysicist whose interests span bioinformatics, structural biology, protein engineering, systems biology, and evolution.

Adrian is an alumnus of Ateneo de Manila University (BS Physics, cum laude, 2002 and BS Computer Engineering 2003).

As a graduate student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
(2004-2009), he employed and developed computational and theoretical  biophysical tools and models to address basic questions in biological systems such as the mechanism of molecular motors, etiology of cystic  fibrosis, and development of cancer biomarkers.

He is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department of Harvard University where he is developing a unified theory of evolution.

Dr. Quirino Sugon Jr. (Physics), Dr. Jerrold Garcia (Physics), and Dr. Adrian Serohijos

(Chingkay) (Chemistry), Dr. Jerrold Garcia (Physics), Dr. Adrian Serohijos, and Dr. Nina Rosario Rojas (Chemistry)

Mr. John Bermundo, Dr. Jerrold Garcia, Dr. Adrian Serohijos, and Ms. Jennifer Damasco-Ty

Mr. John Bermundo (Physics), Dr. Jerrold Garcia (Physics), Dr. Adrian Serohijos, and Ms. Jennifer Damasco-Ty (Physics)


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