Ateneo physics students and faculty working at Manila Observatory participated in the 2011 Asia Oceania Geoscience Society (AGOS) 8th Annual Meeting at Taipei International Convention Center

By Quirino Sugon Jr.

Taipei International Convention Center

Taipei International Convention Center

Last August 8-12, 2011, the Manila Observatory and the Department of Physics of Ateneo de Manila University participated in the 8th Annual Meeting and World Community Geosciences Exhibition in Taipei International Convention Center. The meeting was organized by the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS). The faculty members present were Dr. Nofel Lagrosas and Dr. Gemma Narisma. With Dr. Lagrosas are two of his undergraduate thesis students Joseph Angan and Cornelius Csar Jude Salinas. With Dr. Narisma are two of her graduate assistants at the Manila Observatory who are taking their MS Atmospheric Science: Julie Mae Dado and Carlo Jamandre. Dr. Lagrosas is the chair of the Department of Physics and a scientist in the Urban Air Quality/Instrumentation Technology and Development program of Manila Observatory. Dr. Narisma is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Physics and head of the Regional Climate Systems program of Manila Observatory.

Below is the list of oral and poster presentations:

Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) 8th Annual Meeting at the Taipei International Convention Center, 8-12 August 2011

Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) 8th Annual Meeting at the Taipei International Convention Center, 8-12 August 2011

Tue 9 Aug 2011

Irwin Angelo Amago, Nofel Lagrosas, “Neural network analysis of particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) measurements and aerosol optical depth derived from the multiangle imaging spectroradiometer (MISR): A case study in the Manila Observatory”

Carlo Jamandre, Gemma Narisma, “Spatio-temporal validation of satellite-based rainfall data in the Philippines”

Joseph Angan, Nofel Lagrosas, and Brent Holben, “Variations of Angstrom coefficients over Manila Observatory: Measurements from AERONET Sun Photometer”

16:00-18:00 (poster)
Cornelius Csar Jude Salinas, Nofel Lagrosas, “Application of images and data of satellite to a conceptual model for heavy rainfall analysis”

Wed 10 Aug 2011

16:00-1800 (poster)
Rafael Jumar Chu, Nofel Lagrosas, “Aerosol optical thickness measurements from two new year events in Manila Observatory”

Thur 11 Aug 2011,

Marcelino Villafuerte II, Gemma Narisma, “Potential impact of global warming on Southwest Monsoon”

James Campbell, Xuan Anh Nguyen, Boon Ning Chew, Robert E. Holz, Brent Holben, Jingfeng Huang, Nofel Lagrosas, Neng Huei Lin, Min Min, Jeffrey S. Reid, Santo Salinas, Nobuo Sugimoto, Jason L. Tackett, Se-Chee Tsay, Ellsworth J. Welton, David M. Winker, Man Sing Wong, “Lidar monitoring and research objectives across Southeast Asia and the maritime continent for 7SEAS and SEAC4RS”

16:00-1800 (poster)
Angela Cheska Siongco, Rafael Jumar Chu, Nofel Lagrosas, “Aerosol size distribution of 2006 obtained using a parametric inversion of optical depth measurements at the Manila Observatory”

Julie Mae Dado, Faye Abigail Cruz, Gemma Narisma, “Modeling the effects of changing agricultural land to forests in the Philippines”


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