Lawrence Gochioco in Business Mirror: From an average Ateneo physics student to among the top practicing geophysicists in the US and the world

Lawrence Gochioco of Geo-Nano Technology Corporation

Lawrence Gochioco of Geo-Nano Technology Corporation

From the Business Mirror:

Gochioco obtained his Physics degree from the Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) in 1978.

Considered an average student in the rigorous Ignatian academic program, he managed to balance his academics and extra-curricular activities by playing varsity volleyball and track and field since his high-school freshman year. He led both teams to back-to-back NCAA (National College Athletic Association) championships. In recognition of his athletic achievements, he was inducted into the Ateneo Sports Hall of Fame in 2009.

The 1970s oil crises had a major impact on his decision to pursue a career in geophysics. Intrigued by the popular 1970s TV show Dallas—on the power of oil and energy in geopolitics—Gochioco decided to go to the US to study and learn the latest innovative technologies for petroleum and mineral exploration. After graduation, he taught college physics for two years at AdMU. He later received a full scholarship from Ohio University in 1980 to pursue his graduate studies in Physics. Aside from the regular course load, he took additional subjects in geology and geophysics.

In 1982 the US oil industry began to contract, resulting in thousands of jobs lost. He moved to Houston despite the poor jobs market. The first four years of his career were turbulent. As a survivor, he is always prepared for the worst-case scenario and developed back-up systems. After each layoff, he found better career opportunities with greater responsibilities. These varied technical and management positions later provided him the diverse skills needed to establish his own businesses and joint ventures.

In 1989 Gochioco published his first technical paper in Geophysics, and many more papers and feature articles soon followed. In recognition of his contributions, he was nominated to the prestigious TLE Editorial Board of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) in 2000 and later became chairman during his 2003-2004 term. He was the first Asian ever to become the editorial board chairman.

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Some additional notes:

Gochioco became an entrepreneur in 2004 when he formed his first geophysical consulting and field services company.  In 2007, his business expanded internationally starting with projects in Mongolia.  Thereafter, he formed joint ventures and acquired equity stakes in various companies in the US, Mongolia, and the Philippines.  From the ridge tops of the US Appalachia Mountains down to the Mongolian Gobi Desert and into the bowels of underground coal mines, Gochioco is a “hands-on” geophysicist who is ready to tackle the world’s most grueling exploration challenges.  He said that his vigorous competitive training and discipline from his past NCAA varsity sports helped him focus.  Moreover, he applies his robust analytical skills to manage his diversified portfolio in the global stock and commodities markets.  His investments now encompass oil, gas, coal, renewable energies, minerals (gold, silver, copper, iron ore, and rare earths), real estate, banking, emerging technologies, and nanotechnologies.


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