Ateneo Physics Department participates in the 30th SPP Physics Congress

30th SPP Physics Congress banner

30th SPP Physics Congress banner

Last 22-24 October 2012, faculty and students of the Physics Department of Ateneo de Manila University attended the 30th SPP Physics Congress at the De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, Dasmarinas City, Cavite.  Below is a list of 11 oral presentations, 4 poster presentations, and 1 workshop.  Also included is a list of reviewers from Ateneo de Manila University and Manila Observatory:

Oral Presentations

  • Faye Cruz, Gemma T. Narisma, “Metro Manila urban expansion impact on the heavy rainfall during Tropical Storm”
  • C. Jamandre and G. T. Narisma, “Data assimilation of satellite-based rainfall into a forecasting model over the Philippines”
  • Julie Mae B. Dado, Gemma T. Narisma and Faye Abigail T. Cruz, “The dynamics behind urban expansion impacts on southwest monsoon rainfall”
  • Ivan Culaba, Erwin Enriquez, and Paz Victoria Ramos, “Surface modification of polymethylmethacrylae (PMMA) by argon plasma”
  • Sarah Jaye Oliva and Raphael Guerrero, “Optical wavelength tuning with fluidic grating”
  • Christian Laurio, Quirino Sugon Jr, and Daniel J. McNamara, “Harmonic superposition of polarized light: energy-momentum via geometric algebra”
  • Rafael Jumar Chu, Geoffrew Matthew Tan, and Erwin Enriquez, “Paper supercapacitor using carbon from waste coffee grounds”
  • Christine Joy Querebillo, Erwin Enriquez, Armando Somintac, and Arnel Salvador, “Raman spectroscopy of exfoliated graphene sheets and chemically-modified graphene samples”
  • Earl Juanico, “Criticality in networked markets: profit-seeking behavior destabilizes evolutionary stable states”
  • Glynnis Mae Saquilayan and Ivan Culaba, “Iono production in a magnetized filament ion source”
  • Elvi Marie Dumayaca, Nico Miguel Garcia, and Ivan Culaba, “Electrical characterization of alumnium thin films on etched PCB substrate”
Poster presentations

Poster presentations

Poster Presentations

  • Patricia Mae Bonife and Gemma T. Narisma, “The potential impacts of climate change on rice production in the Philippines”
  • Sammy Chua and Gemma T. Narisma, “Characterizing wind resources in the Philippines: historical analysis”
  • Karloh Palenzuela and Earl Juanico, “Characterization of the role of fluctuations in predator-prey dynamics driven by demographic stochasticity”
  • Artoni K. Ang and Ivan Culaba, “Minimizing buckles on the surface of thin films on elastomeric substrates using oblique angle deposition”


  • Ivan Culaba, “The Amazing world of vacuum: demonstration experiments and fun phenomena”


  • Myrron Aquila (Physics alumni)
  • Minella Alarcon (Physics)
  • Artoni Kevin Ang (Physics)
  • Erika Aranas (Physics)
  • Jerry Barretto (Physics alumni)
  • Clint Bennett (Physics)
  • Juan Paolo Bermundo (Physics)
  • Obie Cambaliza (Physics)
  • Benjamin Chan (Physics)
  • Khervin Cheng Chua (Manila Observatory)
  • Faye Cruz  (Manila Observatory)
  • Ivan Culaba (Physics)
  • Raphael Guerrero (Physics)
  • Earl Juanico (Math)
  • Erees Queen Macabebe (ECCE)
  • Joel Maquiling (Physics)
  • Gemma T. Narisma (Physics, Manila Observatory)
  • Reina Reyes (Physics alumni)
  • Cheska Siongco (Physics alumni)
  • Quirino Sugon Jr. (Physics, Manila Observatory)

More pictures in the Facebook album: SPP Physics Congress at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute (part 1 and part 2).

The Registration Committee

The Registration Committee

The plenary hall

The plenary hall

The new SPP officers

The new SPP officers

Oral presentations

Oral presentations


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