Smartphone-based behavior change support systems for promoting sustainable mobility behavior: a talk by Varsolo Sunio from Kyoto University


Varsolo Sunio, PhD student in the Department of Urban Management, Kyoto University. He graduated BS Physics (2006) and BS Computer Engineering (2008) from Ateneo de Manila University.

The Department of Information Systems and Computer Science and the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center invites everyone to attend the presentation entitled



Varsolo Sunio

Department of Urban Management, Kyoto University

on 6 November, 2015, CTC 112, 4:30pm – 6:00pm


There has been a burgeoning interest in using technology to deliver interventions to change behavior ever since Fogg’s (2002) pioneering work on persuasive technology.  Recently, Oinas-Kukkonen introduced the concept of behavior change support system (BCSS), a web- or mobile- based information system for influencing user behavior. Here, smartphones as a medium of intervention are particularly noteworthy and promising.  With their widespread adoption and pervasive use in society, Smartphones can be leveraged to deliver large-scale and cost-effective behavior-change interventions.  Moreover, in recent years, Fogg’s framework has also been applied to the topic of environmental sustainability, giving rise to the new field of “sustainable HCI” and “persuasive sustainability”.  A broad range of environmental sustainability issues is being addressed by the field, such as energy consumption, water and fuel use, indoor air quality, and transportation/mobility.

In this talk, we present various examples of sustainable mobility behavior change support systems that encourage a voluntary shift to more sustainable transport modes.  We also discuss on-going efforts to develop a mobility behavior change support system in Manila, based on established theories of behavior change.

About the Speaker

Varsolo Sunio is currently a PhD student at the Intelligent Transport Systems Laboratory of Kyoto University.  His area of research includes the practical application of social information and behavior change support systems to sustainable mobility.  He holds masters degrees in Physics from the University of the Philippines and Industrial and Systems Engineering from the National University of Singapore.  He graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University, with bachelor degrees in physics and computer engineering, summa cum laude.


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