Mission and Vision

The Ateneo Physics News aims to chronicle the numerous research, teaching, and outreach activities of the Ateneo de Manila University’s Physics Department in order to attract the best students and faculty who shall make the Ateneo Physics Department as one of the best in the world.

To achieve this, the Ateneo Physics News shall do the following:

1.  Write about the icons of the Ateneo Physics Department: faculty, students, alumnus, and staff

2.  Write snippets of the Department’s history

3.  Post the abstracts of conference papers, journal articles, and books published by the department’s students and faculty

4.  Encourage students and faculty to contribute articles to Ateneo Physics News.

5.  Write about the awards received by the department’s students and faculty

6.  Post copies of the curricula of the Physics programs, descriptions of subjects offered, and departmental policies

7.  Promote collaboration among the departments in physics-related research and other activities.

8. Promote international collaboration in physics research.

Information for Contributors

News and feature articles should be formal essays on any Physics-related news in Ateneo de Manila University in general and the Department of Physics in particular. Limit accompanying pictures to less than 2 MB each.

Readers may also send links to articles posted online. Please provide the full URL and title of the article.

The Ateneo Physics News is under the patronage of St. Robert Bellarmine.


Dr. Quirino M. Sugon Jr.
Ateneo Physics News
Department of Physics
School of Science and Engineering
Ateneo de Manila University

qsugon at ateneo dot edu


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