Vacuum Coating


Mr. Ivan Culaba

Research Interests

Design, fabrication and characterization of metal and dielectric, single layer or multiplayer optical thin film coatings


  • MacLeod Optical Coatings Design Software for the design multilayer of multilayer coatings
  • High Vacuum System for Physical Vapor Deposition for the fabrication of optical coatings
  • Nomarski Differential Interference Contrast Microscope*, Film Adhesion Tester* and Atomic Force Microscope** for   surface characterization of optical coatings (done in other laboratories). These facilities are housed in the *Material Physics Laboratory and in the **Department of Chemistry
  • Spectrometer* and Double Beam Spectrophotometer**  for optical characterization of optical coatings

These facilities are housed in the *Photonics Laboratory and in the **Chemistry Department

Current Projects Include:

  • Anti-reflection Coating for Silicon Substrate
  • Omni-directional Mirrors (1 D Photonic Crystal)
  • Film Thickness Distribution from different evaporation sources
  • Enhancement of thin film deposition using magnetic fields
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