Ateneo Physics Talk: “Theoretical study of hydrogen interaction with metal surfaces” by Allan Padama of Osaka University

Title: Theoretical study of hydrogen interaction with metal surfaces
Speaker: Allan Abraham Padama, Department of Applied Physics, Osaka University
Date and Time: January 15, 2014 at 4:30 pm
Place: Faura 304 (Coffee and cookies will be provided)

The interaction of hydrogen atoms with metal surfaces is a fundamental concept in the field of surface science and is an important factor in the realization of a sustainable hydrogen-based economy. The absorption of hydrogen, in particular, is a very crucial process for hydrogen storage, hydrogen purification and hydrogenation/dehydrogenation applications. Pd and Pd-based materials are popular for such applications due to their capability to absorb large quantities of hydrogen. This present work investigates the absorption of hydrogen atom in Pd(110) and Pd3Ag(110) surfaces and elucidates the effect of Ag in the absorption phenomenon. Furthermore, hydrogen-induced reverse segregation of Pd atoms in the PdAg alloy is examined.

About the speaker:
Allan Abraham Padama is currently finishing his doctoral studies at Osaka University. He works in the Kasai Laboratory, doing research on the theory of the dynamics and characteristics of materials. He employs density functional theory techniques to calculate the physical properties of materials with potential practical applications.