Alumni Careers

The Ateneo de Manila University Physics Department has culled the available information from the web regarding its alumni’s present careers. The list below was updated last 23 Jan 2011.  For orrections and additions, please email qsugon(at)

Name Batch Present Work Present Company
Chua, Lowry T. BS Ps ’67 Vice President Snow Scan (2011)
Cruz, Jose J. BS Ps ’68 Stockholder F & J Prince Holdings (2009)
Stanley T. Lim BS Ps ’68 Inventor
Antonio M. Lorenzana BS Ps ’69 Chief Operating Officer Steel Asia Manufacturing Corporation (2011)
Tangonan, Gregory L. BS Ps ’69 Director Ateneo Innovation Center (2011)
Professor Ateneo de Manila University (2011)
Executive Director Congressional Commission on Science and Technology and Engineering (2011)
Henry U. Lee BS Ps ’71 Institut für Physikalische Chemie, Universität Stuttgart, Germany (1980)
Sy, Stilwell T. BS Ps ’71 Director Stilwell Commercial Corporation (2011)
Montuno, Delfin Y. BS Ps ’72 Nortel, Canada (2009)
Raul R. Olaguer BS Ps ’74 Faculty University of the Philippines (2005)
Palisoc, Arthur L. BS Ps ’74 Fellow NASA Institute for Advaced Concepts (2000)
L’Garde, Inc.
Congco, Ernesto Y. BS Ps ’75 Dean College of Business, National Teachers College (2010)
Lucas, Benjamin C. BS Ps ’75 Chief Operating Officer Radiowealth Finance Company
Tapang, Carlos C. BS Ps ’75 Centurus, Inc., Cebu (2010)
Tipoe, Arsenio T. BS Ps ’75 Stockholder Vista Land and Landscapes, Inc.
Piu, Ong, Ph.D. BS Ps ’76 Technical Leader Cisco Systems, Inc. (2011)
Jimenez, Jeremias R. BS Ps ’77 Broker (2011)
Lawrence Millard C. Gochioco BS Ps ’78 President GeoNano Technology Corporation based in Houston, Texas, USA. (2011)
Arnaldo D.     del Rosario BS Ps ’80 Financial Software Technologies, Inc. (2011)
Jose Ramon T. Villarin S.J. BS Ps ’80 President Xavier University (2011) Ateneo de Manila University (April 2011)
Matalino Y. Montuno BS Ps ’82 Branch Manager Sci Tech P/L (2011)
Benjamin B. Dingel BS Ps ’84 Book Author Broadband Access Communication Technologies (2009)
James Bernard B. Simpas BS Ps ’85 Assistant Professor Physics Department, Ateneo de Manila University (2011)
Alfredo C. Siochi BS Ps ’85 Associate Editor Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (2011)
Maria Caridad H. Tarroja BS Ps ’85 President Psychological Association of the Philippines (2010)
Alan L. Batongbacal BS Ps ’87 Journal Article Author UIML: An Appliance-Independent XML User nterface Language (1999)
Israel M.   Canlapan BS Ps ’86 Ateneo Scholarship Benefactor (2011)
Nathaniel Joseph C. Libatique BS Ps ’86 Associate Professor, Department Chair ECCE Department, Ateneo de Manila University (2011)
Emmanuel V. Amante BS Ps ’87 Asst General Manager Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (2011?)
Arlene E.     Bigornia-Chua BS Ps ’87 Musical Director Ateneo Magis (2011?)
Raul D. Saet BS Ps ’87 Solution Engineer/Advisor SAP America, Inc. (2011)
Carlo M. Severino BS Ps ’87 Corporate Information Officer, Corporate Treasurer Easy Call (2011)
Roel S.  Tan BS Ps ’87 Owner Circuit Solutions (2006)
Jose Antonio C.     Baduria Jr. BS Ps ’88 Stockholder Filinvest Development Corporation (2010)
Carlos M. Oppus BS Ps ’88 Associate Professor ECCE Department, Ateneo de Manila University
Pierre U.     Tagle, Ph.D. BS Ps ’88 Managing Director Mobiliance, Inc. (2011)
Joseph Ma. T.     Valdez BS Ps ’88 General Manager Tsukiden Software Philippines, Inc. (2011)
Jose Claro N.     Monje BS Ps ’89 Assistant Professor ECCE Department, Ateneo de Manila University (2010)
Virgilio B. Velasco Jr., Ph.D.  BS Ps ’89  Philips Digital Video Systems, West Valley City, UT (2000)
 Edwin Gerald M. Lapitan BS Ps ’90, CE ’91  Country Services Manager (Asia Pacific) and General Manager (Philippines) AT & T (2006)
 Bonnie H. Caballero  BS Ps ’91, CE ’92  Inventor  (2008)
 Marco Carlo C. Changho, MS  BS Ps ’91, CE ’92  Consultant  Campus Network Group (2008)
 John Burtkenley T. Ong, Ph.D. BS Ps ’91  Ph.D. in Geo-hydrology University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2011)
 Catherine M. Punsalan-Manlimos  BS Ps ’91  Theologian and Philosopher  Journal Articles (2010)
 Luisito L. Agustin  BS Ps ’92, CE ’93  Assistant Professor  Electronics, Communications, and Computer Engineering Department, Ateneo de Manila University (2009)
 Faith Febes A. de Guzman  BS Ps ’92, CE ’93  Book Author  St. Bernadette Publishing, Inc. (1996)
Atty. Marie Generosa T. Mislang  BS Ps ’92  Lawyer, Philippine Director  Aquarium Council (2007)
 Luis F. Sarmenta  BS Ps ’92  Research Scientist  Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2009)
 Assistant Professor  Department of Information Systems and Computer Science, Ateneo de Manila University (2009)

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